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Your gateway to one-stop research, development, design and manufacturing of electronic subassemblies and turnkey systems.

ARL Technology Industries was founded by a group of engineers each having more than 20 years of professional experience in various fields of embedded and general systems engineering, real-time application design, product manufacturing and test, as well as firmware and application software development. The ARL management team is also supported by financial and business specialist.

ARL Technology Industries mission is to play a major role in systems engineering and particularly in embedded systems development and its application by its own innovative activities and by acquisition of companies and new technologies mainly in North America and Europe.
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ARL Customer Profile

Our Clients are system integrator and capital equipment companies, military and government agencies that have increasing pressure and economic incentive to accomplish more with fewer resources - a smaller human workforce and capital budget. Increased productivity and efficiency must be attained across the enterprise. The most common metric for this assessment is the Return on Investment (ROI). They must attend to the performance goals while fulfilling and excelling at their organizational mission, goals, and objectives. Our Clients are under a great deal of pressure to perform. They need a systems and applications design house and manufacturing that will meet and succeed their requirements to work more effectively.

ARL Technology Industries, Inc